Certain neighbourhoods and buildings find themselves with outdated or unmaintained infrastructure from the big cable and phone companies. Sometimes it’s not just your Internet which is slow, but the entire area!

Wireless technologies have advanced so quickly that they now far exceed the speed capabilities of traditional copper and coax infrastructure and in many cases are even faster than traditional fibre optics. Cloudwifi can deploy our multi-gigabit infrastructure to and throughout your condo or apartment building without digging up the ground or turning your building into a construction zone.

Turn your building into the next “fibrehood” so all residents can enjoy blazing fast, unlimited, reliable, and affordable internet with no gimmicks or overage charges!

Bulk Internet is Smart

With more than 95% of Canadians now paying for broadband services at home (and closer to 100% in many demographics) and with average internet costs now exceeding $74 per month, it’s time for your multi-family property to start buying Internet more intelligently and treating it just as you would other utilities like water, gas, or hydro – buy it in bulk, as a group, or as part of a Connectivity Program.  

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Building Connectivity Program

With the rising demands for Internet connections in high-density buildings, Cloudwifi is excited to launch our new Building Connectivity Program! Although not a bulk program, for a fixed monthly fee all of your building’s current and future connectivity needs will be covered.

This program includes building benefits such as wired or wireless Internet connections in all Administrative Spaces/Offices, Wi-Fi connections in all Common Areas and Guest Suites, and Internet connections for all Security and Building Systems. Resident benefits include FREE basic but still unlimited Internet and significantly discounted blazing-fast Internet!

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