Think Cloudwifi is like any other Internet Service Provider?
Think again

We’ve built our own network with our own people and we don’t resell oversold competitor lines. By using a combination of traditional optical fibres (in the ground) and modern point-to-point radios (in the air), we build the network to deliver blazing fast Internet to your building.

Infinitely fast fibre optics at our core network

Not all buildings are connected equally. Cloudwifi can extend multi-gigabit services to almost any building even when fiber is not available! Avoid construction costs, skip the line waiting for permits and let us bring our fibre-baecked Internet service to your doorstep faster than any other carrier.

Bypass all the congestion

Traditional telecommunication nodes which service entire neighbourhoods suffer from congestion and bandwidth delivery problems. Even when neighbourhood nodes are not overloaded, your distance from the node greatly affects your quality of service. With Cloudwifi, our nodes are brought right inside your building so you have faster speeds that are not restricted by physical geography. This unique approach results in symmetrical speeds (same fast uploads as downloads) than cable and telephone companies deliver, and higher availability since we can even bring multiple paths to a building in the event that one path has a failure.

Simply convenient

Getting online with Cloudwifi is easy, with instant activation through our self serve portal. We’ve eliminated the requirement for our customers to buy or rent any proprietary equipment or carrier-locked modems. Depending on the building, simply plug any off-the-shelf router into the Cloudwifi port found inside your unit, then sign up and activate your service immediately. Talk about freedom from your Internet Service Provider!

If you’re a technophile and want to learn more about our network, this page is for you.