Promote local economic growth by satisfying industrial and commercial broadband needs. Our fibre backed high capacity networks bridge the digital divide between urban and rural communities by providing public access and secure communications for goverment and emergency services.

Townships and Small Communities

Leave your dial up internet connection behind and experience high speed “always on” service. We tailor a cost effective solution which promises fast ROI for institutions. High speed internet access fosters healthy growth in isolated communities. Schools, community centres, local businesses and other institutions demand access to reliable “always on” internet.

We reach you!

Our rural options are countless including fiber over wireless, cellular, satellite and more. We do not offer service in all areas, but coverage is growing at an alarming rate. To find out how Cloudwifi wireless internet service can be made available in your area, contact us here.

Flexible billing for large deployments

Unlike other wireless internet service providers which require you to engage in stiff contracts to use their service, we believe your internet should be flexible. We offer pay as you go plans for as little as 1 day service, 1 week service and up to 3 months or annual. Our billing model is self service and allows our customers to choose a billing scheme that suits them.