Bulk internet is smart

With more than 93% of Canadians now paying for broadband services at home (in fact closer to 100% in many demographics) and with average internet costs now exceeding $63, it’s time for your multi-family property to start treating internet just as you would other utilities like water, gas, or hydro.

Start buying in bulk

Cloudwifi is the smart option to internet buying that the corporate cable and phone companies don’t want you to know about. Think Costco for telecom – buying Internet in bulk will save your residents big time money!

Bring bulk to your building

Get real ROI

A study by RVA LLC Market Research found that fiber optic Internet adds roughly $5,250 to the value of a $300,000 home. Another study found that people are willing to pay an 8 percent premium for apartments that have high speed Internet. With data like this, condos and apartments should be lining up to have fiber optic networks installed at their properties – not just to watch more YouTube and Netflix, but to increase the value of their homes and make their units more marketable.

More than 1,100 cities have asked Google Fiber to build these high-speed networks in their communities, but Google can’t keep up. They will take many years, perhaps even decades, to reach that many communities. Why wait? Cloudwifi will build the high speed connection to your building today!

If you would like to learn more about how Cloudwifi can save your residents money while also providing an infrastructure upgrade to your property with zero upfront costs, contact us today!

Bulk savings example

Rogers10 mbps100 mbpsyes$85+
Telus20 mbps100 mbpsno$93+
Bell10 mbps50 mbpsyes$80+
Cloudwifi (Bulk)100 mbps100 mbpsyes$35 *

*based on a minimum of 150 units in a condominium or apartment

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Fast and Furious

Steven Lambton

If your building is lucky enough to have Cloudwifi then enjoy the fastest internet connection in the city! I've had the service since when they first started out 5 years ago. My bill is consistent and my service is faster and cheaper than other providers. Customer service? Awesome. Hands down the smoothest telecom company I have ever dealt with!

5 / 5

Cloudwifi is the real deal!

Mansi Zehnoor

It has been a pleasure dealing with you guys. When I had a a billing concern it was handled very quickly, thank you for your honesty!

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I love Cloudwifi!

Ken Sproul

Cloudwifi have some of the best speeds around at a great price - I needed proper fibre internet, and the guys at Cloudwifi did not disappoint!