Speed Matters

Not only has a fast Internet connection become a necessity today, but so many new possibilities emerge when people have access to super-fast Internet. This includes new ways to communicate, learn, shop, be entertained, and earn money.

It’s no wonder in this environment that your Internet speed really matters. Think of some of the frustrating times when you’ve had a slow Internet connection:

  • streaming a movie from Netflix with constant lagging and dropouts
  • video chatting with your friends or family with regular freezing and disconnects
  • downloading a large video game or file that seemingly takes forever
  • accessing cloud-based services or online banking that takes several attempts to load

In this always-connected era, your Internet speed matters. Don’t let sub-par broadband speeds keep you from enjoying the content and services that are available through a truly high-speed connection.

In this always-connected era, your Internet speed matters. Don’t let sub-par broadband speeds keep you from enjoying the content and services that are available through a truly high-speed connection.

Upload Speed Matters

Don’t forget about upload speed! Most Canadian Internet Service Providers focus on download speeds in their marketing while hiding their embarrassingly slow upload speeds somewhere in the fine print. Sadly, the industry standard in this country is for upload speeds to be capped at a mere 10% of the published download speeds (eg. If your Internet package provides download speeds of up to 100 Mbps download, you are likely to be capped at just 10 Mbps upload). Capping the upload speed allows the Internet Service Provider to charge big premiums (hundreds to thousands of dollars a month) to business customers who require fast upload speeds in order to run their business.

Cloudwifi understands that the Internet is a two-way communication network and the types of things we do online has changed drastically over the years, and so too have the size of the files we use today. We are sending more and more information “up” to the Internet, or the “Cloud”, than in the past, and as such, the importance of upload speed is far greater today than it ever has been. That is why Cloudwifi believes in giving our customers the same high speeds for uploading that we provide for downloading.

Upload speed is important for things like video conferencing, data storage and file backup, photo and video sharing, interactive learning, real-time gaming, online meetings, VOIP calling, and the thousands of different cloud-based services that many people now use at work.

Unlimited Data Matters

Although many people consider the Internet to be an essential utility today that is no different than gas, hydro, or running water. However, the difference is there is an unlimited supply of the Internet in the world, whereas that’s certainly not the case with conventional utilities. Paying for usage is appropriate when there is a limited supply, but it doesn’t make sense when the supply is unlimited.

Unfortunately, Canadians have become accustomed to counting bits and bytes for their Internet connections because most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in this country have put data caps in place to limit the amount of data their customers are allowed to use. Since the most amount of Internet today is being used by video streaming companies like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, by putting data caps in place, an ISP can effectively limit the amount of video streaming content you can watch. This greatly benefits Netflix’s competitors in Canada: the cable companies and owners of the TV stations. Not coincidentally, these are the same companies who are also the ISPs!

Cloudwifi doesn’t believe in counting bits and bytes or surprising our customers with overage charges ever! That is why you will never see Cloudwifi with data caps on our Internet – all our customers have unlimited data, all day, every day!

Freedom from Carrier-Locked Equipment Matters

Cloudwifi has designed our network to eliminate the requirement for our customers to use a modem. This means no more having to rent or buy expensive and proprietary equipment from the ISP. Simply plug your computer straight into the Cloudwifi port in your unit, or, if you want Wi-Fi, plug in any off-the-shelf Ethernet router instead. Talk about freedom from your Internet Service Provider!

Simplicity Matters

Have you ever seen an Internet bill with only one line item? We hadn’t either, but that’s what you’ll find at Cloudwifi! No hidden fees, no contracts, no marketing gimmicks, no data caps or overage charges, and no surprise price increases. Just blazing fast, simple Internet!