Internet is an essential utility

“Broadband is a human right, the nervous system of the 21st century.
It is far too important to be left up to the whims of monopolists building atop public infrastructure
without any commitment to the public interest.”
Cory Doctorow, Activist, Author, and Journalist

Advocacy group ACORN Canada has reported that many low-income Canadians have no choice but to take money from their rent and food budgets to pay for Internet access. ACORN feels strongly that Internet access should be classified as an essential service because it is the gateway to most everything today – communication, education, entertainment, and employment. People without Internet access, both in Canada and around the world, continue to fall further and further behind the rest of society. The United Nations also agrees; in 2016, the UN classified access to the Internet as a basic human right.

What we are doing

Cloudwifi believes in equal access to the Internet for all Canadians, regardless of income. To help do our part, Cloudwifi has launched a new non-profit charitable initiative called Cloudwifi Cares, where we bring high-speed and unlimited Internet from just $10 a month to large groups of people who otherwise can’t afford it. We’re guided by the belief that when we align our charitable giving and volunteer efforts with our purpose as a company, our impact becomes exponentially greater.

Since Internet is what we do best, helping those in need of affordable Internet access in the communities we service is our way of giving back. We have high hopes that Cloudwifi Cares will be able to help thousands of people communicate, seek employment, and develop the skills and means needed for a brighter future. We wish that we could provide all low-income Canadians with affordable Internet, but unfortunately we’re still a small company and limited by our own resources of time, money, and geography.

What you can do

Here’s a few things you can do to help close the digital divide by ensuring low-income families have access to affordable, high-speed, and unlimited Internet:

1. ACORN is asking people from coast to coast to help them fight (and hopefully win) the CRTC simply by signing the petition found here:

2. Tell the Feds: We need Internet for ALL!

3. Call your MP: Tell them Canadians need Affordable Internet NOW!

4. Email your MP: Tell them you’re done waiting for lower prices!

Nominate a building

In order to focus our resources to help those in the community who need it most, we need your help. If you know of a residential building that you feel deserves Cloudwifi Cares funding, please nominate them. In order for us to help the most people with the limited resources we have, we’re specifically looking for lower-income buildings in southwestern Ontario with a minimum of 100 apartment units.

Nominate a Building