Give your students an internet experience worth bragging about

The quality of the online experience is now a key factor in how students choose housing. Cloudwifi was the first Canadian company to design, implement, and operate Wi-Fi networks exclusively for students.

Students have the highest internet performance expectations of any demographic. Not only does their internet need to be fast, they also want unlimited data, wifi access everywhere, constant connectivity, guaranteed bandwidth, low latency, unrestricted and unfiltered access, smooth video streaming, a fantastic gaming experience, and 24×7 network support.

Make your student residence or campus student housing more attractive by providing your tenants with an internet service that will knock their socks off!

WI-FI Everywhere

Benefit from Cloudwifi’s Coverage Guarantee™ Our network engineers will deploy a wall-to-wall wireless system using enterprise grade access points and artificial intelligence to automatically correct problems and keep the system working optimally.

Direct Support

Students call us for support, not you! Whether by phone, email, or text messaging, our fully trained in-house technical support team is on hand to support your students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fully Managed

From professional installation, wireless optimization, ongoing network monitoring, and on-site warranty and equipment replacement - Cloudwifi takes care of everything.

No Capital Costs

We are the originators of the “Zero Capital” investment model, removing the biggest challenge in deploying a fibre optic, high-speed, fully wireless internet service throughout your student residence.

Future Proof Your Property

Wireless technology advances and becomes obsolete quickly. Cloudwifi will upgrade the access points in your student residence every 3 years at no cost to you.


Security in a student residence Wi-Fi system is of critical importance. That’s why Cloudwifi deploys security software and firewalls on our network to keep your residents safe from each other.

Billing and Registration Portal

Complete control over your building’s internet. We provide a customizable solution and a billing system for your student residence.

Leasing Tools

Cloudwifi’s managed internet solutions include access to an in-depth and real-time service report portal, annual reviews, and marketing materials to support your leasing staff.

Students hate slow internet

If your student residence internet service is slow and unreliable then your tenants will complain and look to move elsewhere. Students have the highest demands of all Internet users and they expect blazing fast, secure, and always-available Internet and Wi-Fi when choosing their student housing. Offer them a rock solid, bullet proof network connection that they will want to tell their friends about! Get a Cloudwifi-managed wireless network in your student residence and earn 5-star reviews, increase rental rates, and improve renewal rates.

Coverage guarantee

No matter the environment, we design and deploy a robust solution. Our engineers survey your student accommodations in the beginning to avoid costly changes and delays in the wireless network deployment. Next generation hardware access points keep all the students connected with blazing fast speeds even in remote parts of the dorm or residence where network cable infrastructure is not available.

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Charge for access or offer premium amenities

You choose whether you want to charge students for internet access, give it away for free, or both. We provide you with the complete billing solution for your student housing. The services you offer the students staying in your student apartments or student residence reflects your brand. So, by offering students premium amenities like high speed internet, phone and television, you can actually reduce churn and increase retention rates. Should you choose to do so, offering phone, television and other add-on amenities is simple because our wireless for apartments and student internet service is built for multimedia.

Building security

Camera systems for property surveillance are typically viewed onsite and require a high bandwidth upload network to allow for remote viewing. Our network has the capacity to support even the most demanding surveillance video systems, even between apartment buildings. You can monitor all your security cameras centrally from a remote location or your main rental office.

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5 / 5

Best Internet Service in Canada!

Mahesh Wani

If your building has Cloudwifi, CHOOSE IT! If your building does not, ASK THEM TO GET IT! I think this has been the best internet service in Canada I have ever used.

5 / 5

By far, the best service I've ever had!

William Nippard

Fantastic. I've had Cloudwifi for nearly 3 years now and it has been, by far, the best service I've ever had! The great speed at a great price is further improved by a fantastic Customer Service & Technical Support team. I seriously can't recommend them enough!

5 / 5

Fast and Furious

Steven Lambton

If your building is lucky enough to have Cloudwifi then enjoy the fastest internet connection in the city! I've had the service since when they first started out 5 years ago. My bill is consistent and my service is faster and cheaper than other providers. Customer service? Awesome. Hands down the smoothest telecom company I have ever dealt with!

5 / 5

Cloudwifi is the real deal!

Mansi Zehnoor

It has been a pleasure dealing with you guys. When I had a billing concern it was handled very quickly, thank you for your honesty!

5 / 5

I love Cloudwifi!

Ken Sproul

Cloudwifi has some of the best speeds around at a great price - I needed proper fibre internet, and the guys at Cloudwifi did not disappoint!