Create the smartest buildings with Cloudwifi

Cloudwifi has connectivity and IoT (Internet Of Things) solutions which integrate all your major building systems into a unified managed network. These building systems can share information to reveal insights that lead to better outcomes for building owners, property managers, residents, and our planet.

Harness and unlock your building`s potential today

Evolving building industry

Buildings of all ages have intelligence built in, often isolated to silos of systems where access to the information is limited. Whether its HVAC, lighting, or fire safety – its time to harness this data and send it to the cloud. Combine all the valuable data through our IoT network to get the most out of your data and make better decisions. Our network enables the benefits of IoT in all types of buildings:

  • Commercial properties
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Residential properties

With our help, developers and property owners everywhere are taking advantage of new technologies, mobile devices, IoT, and big data.

Improve Building Operations

Realize efficiencies that reduce management, maintenance and utility costs.

Increase Tenant Satisfaction

Personalize building features automatically for better comfort and productivity.

Actionable Insights and Control

Aggregate information from disparate systems for visibility into issues and problems to achieve peak optimization.

Positive Impact on our Planet

Uncover new efficiencies and higher returns by reducing energy consumption and decreasing costs

Treasure of information

Internet of things is not about what sensors and systems are capturing data in your building. More importantly, its about leveraging a network and bringing that data to a central location where you can gain access to it.

When you pay in excess of $1 million monthly for energy, even 5% savings is a huge amount of money

- John Leslie, manager of energy and building automation at MGM Resorts