How it started

Established in Kitchener, Ontario in January 2014, Cloudwifi now services customers across Canada and around the world. Customers rely on Cloudwifi to architect, install and manage networks that give users access to ultra-fast wired and/or wireless network connectivity. One of our founders has been involved in building and running technology companies for more than 20 years and is the co-inventor of five patents related to the use of wireless technologies and the transmission of real-time data.

What we do

Cloudwifi specializes in providing high-performance Internet services including bulk Internet, managed Wi-Fi, and customized network solutions for high-density commercial and residential properties and businesses. If you own, manage, or live in a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) building such as a student residence, apartment, or condominium, we have an Internet service that can save you money, enhance your amenities, differentiate your property, and add significant value to your real-estate investment!

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