Upgrade to super fast internet that will get your tenants talking

Add value to your apartment building, increase revenues, attract tenants, and differentiate your property in the market with our hybrid-fibre built-in Internet services for owners and operators of multi-family properties. Contact us today for a free internet assessment of your property!

Tenants call us for support

Residents can phone, email, live chat, or text message us anytime for assistance!

Eliminate Ongoing Installations & Deactivations

Stop the endless parade of Internet technicians when units turnover. Once Cloudwifi installs it never needs to happen again.

Always Connected

Tenants pick up their keys and hop online within minutes. When they move out there is no equipment to return.

Make Money

Become the internet service provider for your building and make more money, lease units faster, and decrease turnover.

Your building has a new faster provider

Cloudwifi starts with a fibre connection that’s up to 10 Gigabits (10,000 Megabits) per second. That means super fast downloads, smooth HD video streaming, and fantastic gaming experiences for everyone. Then we deliver this blazing fast Internet over your building’s existing wiring to your tenants. Finally, we add the best customer support in the industry!

Access to fiber-delivered Internet raises rental values by up to 8 percent (that’s $120 on a $1,500 rental unit)

- FTTH Council Connect 2016

Fiber optic Internet adds roughly $5,250 to the value of a $300,000 home.

- RVA LLC Market Research

Other Apartment Building Add-Ons

  • Common Area Wi-Fi– Modernize your building’s amenities and market it to prospective tenants! Wireless equipment installed and supported throughout your apartment’s common areas so residents can connect to high-speed Internet from the lobby, gym, party room, business center, pool, and anywhere else you request connectivity.
  • Administrative Internet – Internet service for the on-site property management office, maintenance, and security desk within the building.
  • Building Systems Internet – Internet connectivity for building systems such as access controls, intercom, security cameras, DVR, building automation, Internet of Things (IoT), utility monitoring/metering, parking, smart building services, sensors, etc.