Seamless Access

Guests expect network connectivity everywhere. Deliver high speed wireless access and business services like printing, scanning and more. No more codes and no fuss. Just blazing fast wifi and wired access for everyone. Legacy systems are cumbersome and complicated, we make it simple by providing single click access to the internet at hotels and resorts anywhere.

Business Centre

Make business services more accessible to your guests by offering printing, scanning, fax, and email services throughout your entire property – not just in the business center. Hotels and resorts can make business services more accessible using wifi, increasing customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

Charge For Access or As Premium Amenity

Although the market is trending towards free wireless access, some establishments charge for internet access. Cloudwifi allows you to give it away for free, charge guests, or both. We provide you with the complete billing solution which spans across geographies. Whether you are one hotel or a chain of resorts around the globe, our billing solution allows roaming of guests across all of your locations. When guests have a good internet experience, they associate that experience with your brand.

Coverage Guarantee

No matter the environment, we design and deploy a robust solution. Our engineers survey your premises in the beginning to avoid costly changes and delays in the wireless network deployment. Next generation hardware access points keep your users connected with blazing fast speeds, even in remote areas where network cable infrastructure is not available.

Want the fastest hospitality internet solution for your hotel?