Cloudwifi supplies, configures, maintains and manages the equipment. Your tenants, employees, or users of any type can all enjoy wireless internet, and/or wired internet throughout your organization. Network complexity is increasing. Let us optimize your network and give you the visibility with our cloud reporting and analytics.

  • Wireline networks (fibre and copper) blasting 10Gbps
  • Network convergence brings better services and lower cost
  • Wireless networks offering speeds in excess of 1Gbps


A hotspot provides network access to devices in public locations. Wifi hotspots can also be an extension of your private network. Securely offer public access to specific websites or content while keeping your private network protected. Our hotspots can be customized to capture customer information, deliver advertisements, and even process payments for access. We provide all the back-end Radius AAA, subscriber management, credit card processing and billing systems.

  • Everyone with a tablet, laptop or mobile device appreciates free wifi access
  • Create new untapped revenue opportunities with our platform add-ons


We manage the firewall to keep your users and your network secure. 24/7 our engineers monitor your firewall looking for signs of attack or intrusion. Traffic originating from your local network is also watched closely for malicious patterns, keeping our network safe internally and externally.