Our commitment to community and environment

At Cloudwifi, sustainability is integral to our operations. We believe in leveraging technology to foster a more equitable and sustainable world. Our commitment to social responsibility is rooted in the core values of our company—innovation, inclusivity, and integrity. Through our targeted initiatives, we strive to make positive changes and a lasting impact in the communities we serve and the environment we share.

Our carbon footprint

At Cloudwifi, we understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and actively contributing to a sustainable future. In 2023, we calculated our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at 41.58 metric tonnes CO2e. As a growing business, we recognize that our operations are likely to continue expanding, potentially leading to an increase in our overall carbon footprint. However, our commitment to sustainability remains unwavering. Instead of solely focusing on reducing our total emissions, we have developed a targeted approach that emphasizes enhancing efficiency on a building-by-building basis. This approach involves initiatives such as technician carpooling, optimizing recycling practices, consolidating shipments of supplies, increasing the frequency of remote meetings, and upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment within our network. By striving for a 5% reduction in the average carbon footprint per building serviced, we aim to achieve sustainable growth while continuously improving our environmental performance. We believe that by adopting these measures, we can make meaningful strides towards a greener future for generations to come.

Cloudwifi Cares: Bridging the digital divide

The heart of our community efforts, Cloudwifi Cares, embodies our mission to bridge the digital divide. This program offers high-speed, unlimited internet access for nominal fees from just $10 a month to residents of the low-income housing communities that we support. By aligning with ACORN Canada, we're not just providing internet access; we're enabling opportunities for education, employment, and empowerment.

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Re-use and re-purpose: Beyond recycling

Our approach prioritizes reuse over recycling, ensuring that technology finds a second life beyond its initial purpose. We donate and repurpose our retired equipment, partnering with organizations to extend Internet connectivity to underserved communities. This initiative reflects our commitment to not just recycle, but to reinvent the way we think about electronic waste.

Employee causes: Internet access for community support

We are committed to making internet access more affordable for causes dear to our employees. Encouraging our team to nominate organizations and projects for support, we've aided food banks, shelters, and other non-profits, demonstrating our commitment to community support and sustainability.

Join us: Make a difference

We invite you to join our journey towards a more connected and sustainable world. Whether through volunteering, donations, or spreading the word, your support magnifies our efforts. Together, we can make a substantial difference.

Support ACORN Canada’s internet equity campaign
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Learn more about Cloudwifi Cares

Nominate a cause and share an idea

Do you know a charitable organization who is deserving of our support and could benefit from enhanced internet access or reduced connectivity costs? Do you have suggestions for advancing our sustainability efforts? Share your ideas and nominations below. Your input is vital for amplifying our impact and supporting more causes.

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