IPTV now allows access to television services on demand and live anywhere. We offer a completely managed TV solution that allows your guests to enjoy thier favourite TV episodes, and movies. No buffering, just crystal clear HD pictures.

  • Interactive internet capable TV set top box (Youtube, Facebook, etc…)
  • Watch Movies
  • On demand full episodes of all the best TV series
  • Theatrical trailers and more!


VOIP (Voice over IP) gives phone access to all your guests. If you wish to offer phone services to your guests, our network supports quality of service to deliver these value add services reliably. We offer a completely managed phone solution for large and small buildings.

  • Unlimited calling to most destinations in Canada
  • Free Voicemail, CallerID, 3-way, and more…
  • Mobile app for Apple and Android so you can use your tablet or smartphone


Monitor your surviellance systems from a remote location through our network. Our high speed network supports blazing fast upload speeds to so you can watch footage captured live in another location, even other buildings. If your video security system supports remote access traditional land line services simply aren’t fast enough to view live video. Our network has the speed to bring high quality video from many buildings to a central location for your viewing.

  • Remote parking lot attendants
  • Integrate video capabilities to your existing main entrance intercom
  • Monitor security cameras accross all your buildings from one location
  • 2 way video and audio