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What's the number one cause of student dissatisfaction?

Poor Internet Service

If your student internet service is slow and unreliable then students will complain. These days students expect communication options when choosing a place of accommodation. Offer them a rock solid, bullet proof network connection that will knock their socks off! Get a managed Cloudwifi wireless network in your student apartment.

Coverage Guarantee

No matter the environment, we design and deploy a robust solution. Our engineers survey your student accommodations in the beginning to avoid costly changes and delays in the wireless network deployment. Next generation hardware access points keep all the students connected with blazing fast speeds even in remote parts of the dorm or residence where network cable infrastructure is not available.

Charge For Access or Offer Premium Amenities

You choose whether you want to charge students for internet access, give it away for free, or both.  We provide you with the complete billing solution for your student housing. The services you offer the students staying in your student apartments or student residence reflects your brand. So, by offering students premium amenities like high speed internet, phone and television, you can actually reduce churn and increase retention rates. Should you choose to do so, offering phone, television and other add-on amenities is simple because our wireless for apartments and student internet service is built for multimedia. To learn more about compatibility and integration click here.


Camera systems for property surveillance are typically viewed onsite and require a high bandwidth upload network to allow for remote viewing. Our network has the capacity to support even the most demanding surveillance video systems, even between apartment buildings. You can monitor all your security cameras centrally from a remote location or your main rental office.

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Next Generation of Wireless

Wireless network services from Cloud Wifi – wireless Internet Wifi provider for business and consumer: MDU, residential, hotels, hospitals, malls, restaurants, schools and student housing, rural. Wifi hotspots for your private network.

Cloudwifi brings you unprecedented wireless network reliability by creating a system which "fixes itself". Our service is unique because our self healing mesh networks use advanced routing protocols to ensure all access points in our network are operating efficiently in conjunction with each other. So no matter what time of the day, or night, your managed wifi service is fast and reliable!

Our Expertise

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