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What we do

Cloudwifi Inc. specializes in providing high-performance, low-cost bulk internet and network services to multi-tenant dwelling units (MDU), such as apartments, condominiums, student residences, hotels, resorts and retirement homes. We also offer customized network solutions for public venues, such as stadiums, parks, schools, and special events. Cloud managed wifi internet access for everyone.  To learn more about our managed services, click here.   

Own a business with multiple branches or offices? Your business could benefit from our wireless backhaul point to point (PTP) and point to multipoint (PTMP) solutions that connect your buildings together as one unified secure network.  Realize drastic cost savings when you replace terrestrial connections from local telcos with wireless.  Perhaps a high speed network connecting your remote buildings, branches or offices has not been affordable? Well now it is.  Read more regarding our business services here.

Established in the greater Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and surrounding area, we service customers globally. Customers around the world rely on Cloudwifi to architect, install and manage networks that give thier users access to ultra-fast network connectivity either wired or wireless.  Serving the wireless community since 2005, we carry years of experience and look forward to serving you for many more. See what our customers have to say about us here.

How it works

Our users connect to us using their wireless enabled device. We also provide wired connectivity directly into your existing network.  This means you can enjoy high speed wireless access on your pre-existing wired network, or we can build a secure wireless extension for public guest access.

Simple plug and play, secure, and cloud managed network.  No complicated software, routers, firewalls, bridges, or elaborate setups.

Next Generation of Wireless

Wireless network services from Cloud Wifi – wireless Internet Wifi provider for business and consumer: MDU, residential, hotels, hospitals, malls, restaurants, schools and student housing, rural. Wifi hotspots for your private network.

Cloudwifi brings you unprecedented wireless network reliability by creating a system which "fixes itself". Our service is unique because our self healing mesh networks use advanced routing protocols to ensure all access points in our network are operating efficiently in conjunction with each other. So no matter what time of the day, or night, your managed wifi service is fast and reliable!

Our Expertise

  • Customer Service
  • Integration
  • High Density Deployments
  • Special Events
  • Site to Site Connectivity
  • Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) Internet
  • Private Networks