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A high-speed internet connection is an important asset to any business. Cloudwifi can offer you options of wired and/or wireless services throughout your building to fit your specific requirements. With the Cloudwifi Platform, we manage all of your communication needs through one simple system. We deploy next-generation equipment and offer a service guarantee backed by a 24/7 technical support team.

Fiber Over Wireless

Don't have fiber in your building? No problem. We bring fiber to your business affordably. Our fiber relocation service helps you overcome high installation costs from land based carriers. Straight from our datacentre to your doorstep using wireless. No expensive digging.

Already have fiber? Great. So you recognize the benefit of having reliability and faster uploads. Add even more redundancy to your network by having a backup connection installed at your business in the event your primary connection fails. Our fiber over wireless backup connections are much faster than other land based solutions, but just as affordable.


We provide custom tailored solutions for connecting remote offices. As your business grows, so does your network. Reduce the cost of keeping your locations connected. Point to point (PTP) and point to multipoint (PTMP) wireless connections bring blazing fast speeds of 1Gbps+. Focus on managing your business and let us take on the complexity and high costs associated with multi branch offices and site to site connections. For more information on our managed services, please click here.

Remote Locations

Conducting business in remote, hard to reach locations can be very challenging. Access to technology enablers like phone, fax, internet and email can save you time and money. Construction engineering firms, natural resources industries and even special events often face communications challenges throughout projects. From the start of any project to the finish, we can keep you connected with hybrid wireless and cellular solutions to meet your needs.


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