Get the new internet that`s better than your current provider

5 / 5

Cloudwifi goes above and beyond any of my expectations.

Ed C.

After a quick chat with support, they swiftly dispatched a technician to our apartment to deal with a wiring problem in our apartment. Not only did they solve the issue but the technician was friendly, clear and effective at his job, and even provided an ethernet cable free of charge. Could not recommend them more!

5 / 5

Unbelievable service!

Matt B.

Emailed them on a Sunday evening, got a response within an hour how to sign up. Booked appointment two days later. Technician was in the building ready to set up early. Getting faster speeds for half the price. But most importantly, service was A+!!

5 / 5

Reliable and affordable.

Emily T.

Haven’t had a single service interruption or issue since I switched to Cloudwifi almost 1 year ago. Calling customer service is very easy and quick - they immediately have all my account details available and can address my questions right away. Simple billing, no surprises, easy to manage the service, stable connection. Highly recommend 🙂

5 / 5

Best Internet Service in Canada!

Mahesh W.

If your building has Cloudwifi, CHOOSE IT! If your building does not, ASK THEM TO GET IT! I think this has been the best internet service in Canada I have ever used.

5 / 5

By far, the best service I've ever had!

William N.

Fantastic. I've had Cloudwifi for nearly 3 years now and it has been, by far, the best service I've ever had! The great speed at a great price is further improved by a fantastic Customer Service & Technical Support team. I seriously can't recommend them enough!

5 / 5

Fast and Furious

Steven L.

If your building is lucky enough to have Cloudwifi then enjoy the fastest internet connection in the city! I've had the service since when they first started out 5 years ago. My bill is consistent and my service is faster and cheaper than other providers. Customer service? Awesome. Hands down the smoothest telecom company I have ever dealt with!

5 / 5

Cloudwifi is the real deal!

Mansi Z.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you guys. When I had a billing concern it was handled very quickly, thank you for your honesty!

5 / 5

I love Cloudwifi!

Ken S.

Cloudwifi has some of the best speeds around at a great price - I needed proper fibre internet, and the guys at Cloudwifi did not disappoint!