Upgrade your condo to the most convenient internet

With average monthly internet costs in Canada now exceeding $60, it’s time for your condo community to start treating internet just as you do other utilities like water, gas, or hydro – purchase it as a group or in bulk and everyone will see faster speeds while also saving big time money! Contact us today for a free internet assessment of your property!

Now at speeds up to 10 gigabits per second

That means super fast downloads, smooth HD video streaming, and fantastic gaming experiences for everyone. Then we deliver this blazing fast internet over your building’s existing wiring to every unit in the community at a ridiculously low rate. Finally, we add the best customer support in the industry so residents can phone, email, live chat, or text message us anytime!

Unlimited data

Download and upload as much as you want with no overage costs ever

Symmetrical speeds

Equally fast upload and download speeds, unlike the big phone and cable companies

No modem required

Use any off-the-shelf wifi ethernet router! No need to buy or rent expensive carrier-locked modems

Simple internet

No hidden fees, no rental, no marketing gimmicks and no surprises

Finally, bulk internet for all units in the condominium

Group or bulk internet buying is the smart option that the big cable and phone companies don’t want you to know about. Check out the savings that your residents can benefit from:

Bulk GigabitBulk 500Bulk 100
up to 1000mbps
$60/month in bulk* (save 50%)
up to 500mbps
$45/month in bulk* (save 50%)
up to 100mbps
$35/month in bulk* (save 50%)

*bulk pricing based on a minimum commitment of 150 units in your condominium

Access to fiber-delivered Internet raises rental values by up to 8 percent (that’s $120 on a $1,500 rental unit)

- FTTH Council Connect 2016

Fiber optic Internet adds roughly $5,250 to the value of a $300,000 home.

- RVA LLC Market Research

Other Optional building add-ons

  • Over-the-Air Television – Your condo can discover the world of FREE HD TV and say goodbye to cable fees forever! Cloudwifi can help your residents save even more money by installing TV antennas on the roof and delivering those channels to every unit over the Internet. The taller the condo, the more free channels! We can typically pick up between 16 and 30 US and Canadian cable channels from a condo’s roof in the GTA.
  • Common Area WI-FI – Modernize your building’s amenities and market it to prospective tenants! Wireless equipment installed and supported throughout your apartment’s common areas so residents can connect to high-speed Internet from the lobby, gym, party room, business center, pool, and anywhere you request connectivity.
  • Administrative Internet – Internet service for the on-site property management office, maintenance, and security desk within the building.