Managed Wireless Internet Services - Residential
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Paying too much for internet?

It's not only you.

Certain neighbourhoods are built with outdated or unmaintained infrastructure from the local telco providers.  Sometimes it's not just your internet which is slow, but the entire neighbourhood! Often the lines in the ground need to be serviced which is a costly effort.  Wireless speeds are exceeding traditional copper and coax speed capabilities.   We deploy wireless mesh infrastructure to offer coverage across entire residential complexes or neighbourhoods without digging up the ground. Everyone living nearby can enjoy reliable and affordable internet with no overages and unlimited usage.


IPTV now allows access to television services on demand and live anywhere.  We offer a completely managed TV solution where you can enjoy your favourite TV episodes and movies.  No buffering, just crystal clear HD pictures.


VOIP (Voice over IP) gives you telephone and landline based services through the internet. If you are interested in IP based phone service, our network supports quality of service to deliver these value added services reliably.  We offer a phone solution for home, as well as home businesses.


For customers upgrading who currently have an email address with us, your email address will remain the same as it currently is.

Next Generation of Wireless

Wireless network services from Cloud Wifi – wireless Internet Wifi provider for business and consumer: MDU, residential, hotels, hospitals, malls, restaurants, schools and student housing, rural. Wifi hotspots for your private network.

Cloudwifi brings you unprecedented wireless network reliability by creating a system which "fixes itself". Our service is unique because our self healing mesh networks use advanced routing protocols to ensure all access points in our network are operating efficiently in conjunction with each other. So no matter what time of the day, or night, your managed wifi service is fast and reliable!

Our Expertise

  • Customer Service
  • Integration
  • High Density Deployments
  • Special Events
  • Site to Site Connectivity
  • Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) Internet
  • Private Networks